Source code for psij.executors.batch.pbs

from pathlib import Path
from typing import Optional

from psij.executors.batch.pbs_base import PBSExecutorConfig, GenericPBSJobExecutor
from psij.executors.batch.script_generator import TemplatedScriptGenerator

[docs]class PBSJobExecutor(GenericPBSJobExecutor): """A :class:`~psij.JobExecutor` for PBS Pro and friends. This executor uses resource specifications specific to PBS Pro """ def __init__(self, url: Optional[str] = None, config: Optional[PBSExecutorConfig] = None): """ Parameters ---------- url Not used, but required by the spec for automatic initialization. config An optional configuration for this executor. """ if not config: config = PBSExecutorConfig() generator = TemplatedScriptGenerator(config, Path(__file__).parent / 'pbs' / 'pbspro.mustache') super().__init__(generator, url=url, config=config)