Source code for psij.executors.batch.script_generator

import pathlib
from abc import ABC
from typing import Dict, Callable, IO

import pystache

from psij import Job, JobExecutorConfig
from .escape_functions import bash_escape

[docs]class SubmitScriptGenerator(ABC): """A base class representing a submit script generator. A submit script generator is used to render a :class:`~psij.Job` (together with all its properties, including :class:`~psij.JobSpec`, :class:`~psij.ResourceSpec`, etc.) into a submit script specific to a certain batch scheduler. """ def __init__(self, config: JobExecutorConfig) -> None: """ Parameters ---------- config An executor configuration containing configuration properties for the executor that is attempting to use this generator. Submit script generators are meant to work in close cooperation with batch scheduler job executors, hence the sharing of a configuration mechanism. """ self.config = config
[docs] def generate_submit_script(self, job: Job, context: Dict[str, object], out: IO[str]) -> None: """Generates a job submit script. Concerete implementations of submit script generators must implement this method. Its purpose is to generate the content of the submit script. For an extensive explanation of the mechanism behind this process, see :class:`~.BatchSchedulerExecutor`. Parameters ---------- job The job for which the submit script is to be generated. context A dictionary containing information about the context in which the job is being submitted. For details, see :class:`~.BatchSchedulerExecutor`. out An opened file-like object to which the contents of the submit script should be written. """ pass
[docs]class TemplatedScriptGenerator(SubmitScriptGenerator): """A Mustache templates submit script generator. This script generator uses Pystache (, which is a Python implementation of the Mustache templating language ( """ def __init__(self, config: JobExecutorConfig, template_path: pathlib.Path, escape: Callable[[object], str] = bash_escape) -> None: """ Parameters ---------- config A configuration, which is passed to the base class. template_path The path to a Mustache template. escape An escape function to use for escaping values. By default, a function that escapes strings for use in bash scripts is used. """ super().__init__(config) with'r') as template_file: self.template = pystache.parse( self.renderer = pystache.Renderer(escape=escape)
[docs] def generate_submit_script(self, job: Job, context: Dict[str, object], out: IO[str]) -> None: """See :func:`~SubmitScriptGenerator.generate_submit_script`. Renders a submit script using the template specified when this generator was constructed. """ out.write(self.renderer.render(self.template, context))